Used gear

  • Linhof Super Technika V 4×5″ with Nikkor SW 90/f8, Nikkor W 180/f5.6 lenses, Fujinon-W 125/f5.6, Fujinon-A 300/f8.5
  • Mamiya 7II with 80/f4, 65/f4 lenses.
  • Nikons FM2, D700 with Nikkor AF 20/2.8D, AF 50/1.8, AF 60/2.8D Micro, AIS 35/2, AIS 105/2.5, AF-D 80-200/f2.8, Tokina ATX PRO SV 28-70/2.8 lenses.
  • Manfrotto 055CB tripod with Manfrotto Junior 410 head.
  • Nikon SB-28, SB-800 flashes, studio flash heads Elinchrom.
  • Minolta Spotmeter F lighmeter.
  • Color and black&white filters Cokin and Schneider B+W.

Used films

Black and White: Ilford PanF+, Ilford FP4+, Ilford HP5+
Color: negatives Kodak Portra 160/400

Analog black & white technics

I’m taking black and white photographs in 4×5″ format on ILFORD FP4+ using the Zone System of Ansel Adams modified by Marian Schmidt. Complete negative-positive b&w process in my darkroom using split printing with 2 strongest gradation filters. Hand made archival standard fine art prints up to 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″) on Ilford Multigrade IV FB/ FB Classic, Fomabrom and others. Chemistry by Ilford and Tetenal. Enlarger Durst Elite 2000, Ilford 500H multigrade head, Apo-Rodagon 50/80/150 & EL-Nikkor 40/f4 (my preciousss!) enlarging lenses. Hand retouching of positives with Spotone. Gallery standard framing in acid free cardboard passepartout and alu/wooden frame. Prints are signed with number/series and date, then framed.

Digital edition and printing

Analog materials are digitalized with EPSON PERFECTION V800 PHOTO scanner. Edition of digital files in Adobe Photoshop by myself. Working on Apple Macintosh computers and EIZO ColorEdge monitors. Digital color prints on EPSON 4880/3880/7900 with ultrachrome K3/HDR pigment inks on Harman by Hahnemühle, FOMEI, Sihl Masterclass papers. Prints are signed with number/series and date, then framed.

All pictures from my gallery photographs are for sale. For details please contact me directly via Contact.

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